“The tour was wonderful!  I’ll be telling all of our friends…” 

~ Michael B.

“I was able to relax and enjoy it all” 

~ Jane L. 

“It was very much like being part of an extended French family”

~ Elizabeth B.

“I enjoyed everything especially the shopping!”
~ Deborah M.

“The ferme auberge was an amazing experience…best food ever”
~ Shannon M.

“Chef Marchal is a wonderful chef… and is very good at instruction”
~ Patricia B.

“I enjoyed learning about the French way of eating …eating what is in season”
~ Avice B.

“The enjoyment of food and wine was considerably enhanced by the company
and the setting”
~ Richard M.

“The pride of the restaurateurs in their regional cuisine along with the warm reception we received were so memorable and a tribute to the research and friendships you have made in the Dordogne .”

~ Dolores B.


“Your French translation and
history knowledge were invaluable”

~ Alvan A.


Your trip was so much fun and it was due to your wonderful enthusiasm and detail.  Each day was beautiful.  Meeting the locals and seeing the gorgeous countryside was so exciting."
~  Beth M.

“You were more than accommodating, making the stay comfortable, enjoyable and fun!” 
~ Marie-France I.

“Upon my return to Arizona, I was in a pretty bad state of melancholia….due to the fact that I really fell in love with the Dordogne!  In fact, I plan to return next year”          ~ Jeanette C.