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Lessons in our Château

The culture, the food, the slower pace…These are the things that our clients have continually told us that they love about France.  If only they could bring a little bit of it back home with them! To meet this desire, we are proud to announce that we have invited a culinary expert to accompany our tours.  Each tour will feature a different guest chef who will lead the delightful open-air market visits of the area and provide three hands-on cooking classes in our beautiful château kitchen.

We will gather our lesson’s ingredients from the local markets; tender farm lettuces, walnuts plucked from nearby trees, aromatic mushrooms, green-hued olive oil, wild herbs and artisan cheese.  Teaching style is geared to the home cook and will allow you to incorporate traditional French values into your own cooking and shopping routines, bringing that “little bit of France” back home into your daily life.

Over the years, we have welcomed a diverse population of travelers.  Cooks and non-cooks alike, young and old, married and single.  For those guests who prefer not to take part in the cooking lessons, we offer a wide variety of activities including walks through the parkland, swimming in our sparkling pool or simply relaxing with a good book on one of the château’s many terraces."

Parlez-vous Cuisine?
~ A little bit of France in Scottsdale, Arizona ~

  • Do you love salade Niçoise, foie gras and sole meunière, but shy away from ordering them for fear of mispronunciation?  Do you find yourself choosing the same thing each time you dine in a French restaurant since you are unsure of what exactly a cassoulet or ragoût are?  You just might suffer from menu phobia!

  • Do you think that you couldn’t possibly prepare a French dinner at home because you believe only the French really understand how their food is created?

We can help!

Parlez-vous Cuisine? is a unique learning experience that brings together the basics of French cooking techniques with the often-confusing terms used in cookbooks and menus. 

 The language

Our own Dominique Froidefond will give you the tools to expand your choices when dining out.  A native Parisian, Dominique received her Ph.D. at the University of Virginia and currently teaches French in Phoenix.  Dominique will help you learn how to avoid ordering a poison when you really wanted a poisson (fish) or a desert instead of a dessert !  Along with your own list of “how-do-I-pronounce-these?” words, we will use menus from Phoenix-area restaurants. 

The cuisine

After Dominique sets the stage, our guest chef, Adrien, will give a demonstration cooking class.  Each of Adrien’s classes will cover a different aspect of French cooking ~ sauces, sides, desserts and food presentation.  Classes will focus on the seasonal and local approach typical of the French kitchen.  

The setting

All sessions take place around the large butcher-block island in the kitchen of Suze’s North Scottsdale home and are limited to 8 guests. Sessions begin at 10:00, but you are welcome to arrive as early as 9:30 for coffee and social time.

Following the cooking class,
a delicious lunch prepared by our chef will be served.


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Come join us and Parlez Cuisine !

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