Meet Your Hosts

We are your France Ever After hosts, Dominique and Suze, and we will guide your adventure through the Dordogne. We own the company, personally escort every tour, and are passionate about introducing our guests to the culture and history of southwestern France. We are both bilingual, and we each have our areas of expertise.

Dominique Froidefond

A native Parisian, Dominique received her Ph.D. in French literature and later taught at Indiana University for eight years.   She is extremely familiar with the Dordogne, the birthplace of her father and home to many close relatives.  These personal relationships offer an insider’s visit that other tour groups can only dream of duplicating. 


Suze Douglas

Suze met Dominique while working on her French thesis, “France: More than Baguettes and Beaujolais.”  She especially enjoys the “technical” sides of the region, namely, the architecture, agriculture, and cliffside developments.  Suze had visited the Dordogne before meeting Dominique and once they realized that they had a mutual love, a partnership was born.


Bullet No packing and unpacking!  You     will stay in one place for all ten days,     our private fairy-tale château.

Bullet We provide three meals a day,     including all beverages.

Bullet Once you are in our care, all     activities, entry fees, tips, and     taxes are included in the tour     price.

Bullet We drive our own 8-passenger     minibus for the daily trips.  This     allows us to choose the most     beautiful routes that the big tour     buses cannot navigate!

Bullet We only tour in May and June.      Gardens are in bloom, the weather is     usually warm, but rarely hot, and the     sites that we visit are much quieter     than during the congested tour-bus     months of July and August.  

Bullet In order to provide personalized     service to every client, our groups are     limited to no more than eight     travelers